Jackie's new vocal coach


hiturbine: Today is the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing ... And I watched it as it happened - 50 years ago today. To: Mike Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong (RIP) ... THANK YOU for the memory of a lifetime! Jul 20, 2019 19:27:21 GMT
hiturbine: Has anybody here seen the "bikini shot" of Jackie, as was posted on Face Book by Jackie's mom? It's a jaw dropper. Jul 27, 2019 22:44:11 GMT
hosepipe: Girls wear Bikini's...What Jackie does with her face, clothing, coiffure, poses and feminine mystic' is whats very special... Not all know what looks good.. She's an artist... Jul 28, 2019 15:20:06 GMT *
jackiejunkies: Jackie's FB page dropped below 400K today. She has been averaging about Minus 100 likes a week for some time now :'( Sept 1, 2019 22:02:15 GMT
jackiejunkies: Make that Minus 267 as of 9-7-2019 teamjackieevancho.proboards.com/post/1848 Sept 7, 2019 14:46:15 GMT *
cjf: I saw where Chris Mann and Jackie's music director were talking about a collaboration. I would like to see her join him for this: www.facebook.com/events/751867475272190/ (preferably in Atlanta) Sept 12, 2019 23:16:57 GMT
cjf: deleted Sept 13, 2019 1:58:27 GMT *
cjf: New video (I'm Not That Girl): www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrMwIVGV5zE [they deleted the previous copy which had 3000+ views] Sept 17, 2019 21:06:22 GMT
hiturbine: OK, what's going on? Nothing has been posted here since October 27th? That seems a bit out of character for this fan site! Am I wrong? Nov 9, 2019 2:19:43 GMT
hosepipe: Shoutbox not very active usually... other functions are... Nov 16, 2019 16:32:39 GMT
hiturbine: Hosepipe - I'm not referring to Shoutbox, but to this forum in general. There have been no posting or updates since Oct 27, which is strange. Nov 16, 2019 23:51:35 GMT
hiturbine: I'm guessing that Mr. Jackiejunkies is either on a long vacation, has died suddenly, or else he has chosen to abandon his creation. What say you of the peanut gallery? Nov 19, 2019 0:24:31 GMT
jackiejunkies: ::) www.youtube.com/watch?v=xos2MnVxe-c Dec 3, 2019 0:44:40 GMT *
jackiejunkies: Just for a Heads Up Jackie herself hasn't tweeted since Oct 17th so she has me beat by 10 days P-) Dec 18, 2019 22:04:35 GMT *
hiturbine: A BLESSED and HOLY CHRISTMAS, and a PEACEFUL NEW YEAR to all of Jackie's fans! GOD BLESS - Bruce D. - aka "Hiturbine" Dec 24, 2019 3:19:39 GMT
hiturbine: I'll be attending Jackie's February 29, 2020 (leap day) show in Colorado Springs. Anybody else here going? Dec 27, 2019 3:01:05 GMT
hiturbine: HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL JACKIE FANDOM! Jan 1, 2020 2:48:01 GMT
nowknightly: Hello to all my fellow Jackie fans. Mar 30, 2020 15:51:35 GMT
jackiejunkies: What's this, A new member? Welcome Mar 31, 2020 15:18:57 GMT *
nowknightly: Thanks for the Welcome jackiejunkies. I see things are a little quiet here. While searching for youtubers posting about The Masked Singer I saw you have a fairly active youtube channel. Good going. Apr 4, 2020 14:57:18 GMT